Ottawa Construction Association

Labour Relations & Employment Law

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Mar 06, 2020
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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 3 hrs.


OCA Members: $75.00
Non-Members: $125.00


This seminar should be of interest to both unionized and non-unionized contractors as it will focus on the basics of labour relations and employment law in the construction industry. Subjects to include:

  • Acquisition of bargaining rights by a construction trade union – by way of vote, automatic certification and certification by virtue of unlawful conduct by employer, management or respective agents.
  • Selling your business – Does the Bargaining Relationship continue with the new owner? What about related businesses?
  • A key man leaves to open a new business – Is the new company bound?
  • When a unionized General Contractor acts as a “Construction Manager” –what restrictions are there on using non-union sub-trades?
  • Dealing with union grievances & the Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Terminating workers: Best practices for employers to avoid costly litigation
  • Employee Medical Absences


Upcoming Sessions
Mar 06, 2020
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