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Profitable Procurement Management in the Construction Industry

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The course duration is approximately 1 day


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The Ottawa Construction Association in partnership with the Canadian Mechanical Contracting Education Foundation (CMCEF) is pleased to offer a workshop which will deliver a new collaborative model that will allow both the contractor and distributor to become cost-effective operators of construction services, products and installation by jointly managing the material flow in a Horizontal Integration Supply Chain.

 Construction is a complex and risky industry.  While contractors and distributors have very different needs for their operations, by utilizing Horizontal Integration Supply Chain models, contractors and distributors can form a close relationship to identify each others needs.  Each participant uses its own expertise to meet the needs of the other by addressing non-value-added activities and reducing the waste-in-process.  These models allow the distributors to manage the materials and distribution and contractors to focus on installation.

Participants will be introduced to three procurement chain models that are being practiced in the construction industry:

  • Specialty Contractor Procurement Model
  • General Contractor Procurement Model
  • Owner Procurement Model

 These new Supply Chain Horizontal Integration models outline key methods of eliminating waste and inefficiency in the supply chain.  Contractors can capitalize on the suggested procurement methods to more effectively work with suppliers and customers.  By reducing procurement costs through identification of inherent waste associated with intangible processes and systems, participants will be able to assess both the weaknesses and strengths of their own procurement management practices to increase their own profitability.

 Your Workshop Leader:  Dr. Perry Daneshgari is an adjunct professor of automotive engineering science at the University of Michigan – Dearborn and Oakland University’s School of Management and is the author of The Chase, (1998, Black Forest Press, San Diego, CA) a business novel about process implementation.  He created Motor Consultants of America, Inc. (MCA) in 1990, with services focused on implementing process and product development, waste reduction and productivity improvement of labor, project management, estimation, accounting and customer care.

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course