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Take Control with Blackberry

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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 4 hours


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This workshop is designed for those who want to make effective use of their BlackBerry in order to stay on top of important commitments and priorities while dealing with urgent matters. In this half-day workshop, you will learn to utilize key BlackBerry features that will increase your productivity as well as some time saving tips and shortcuts.

 Who Should Attend:   Anyone who is using a BlackBerry device and wants to increase their productivity by maximizing the use of its tools.

Introduction and Course Overview:

  • Identifying personal challenges to achieving optimum productivity 
  • Setting personal learning objectives

 Setting up the BlackBerry Environment for Increased Productivity: 

  •  Customizing the User Interface to adjust to your specific needs 
  •  Changing default options to minimize interruptions and increase focus

 Taming the Email Beast: 

  •  Learning the best strategies for managing your BlackBerry messages
  •  Using Flags to quickly track down important emails
  •  Understanding the importance of good subject lines
  •  Creating message filters that will work for you
  •  Setting-up folders to keep track of follow-up items

Mastering your BlackBerry Calendar

  •   Budgeting your time for best results 
  •  Understanding how to quickly & effectively schedule meetings
  •  Creating recurring appointments to support your work routines
  •  Quickly switching between Calendar views
  •  Learn invaluable Calendar tips and time-saving shortcuts

 Staying on track with BlackBerry Tasks

  •  Reducing stress by “freeing your mind”
  • Using Categories to organize your tasks 
  •  Showing tasks on your BlackBerry Calendar 
  •  Using recurring tasks to stay on top of regular commitments 
  •  Understanding how to quickly update the status of your tasks

 Making best use of your Contacts 

  •  Using BlackBerry Contacts to enhance communication
  • Creating Contacts from your email messages 
  •  Organizing contacts with Categories 
  •  Creating custom Contact fields

Developing a realistic action plan 

  •  Setting goals that will support your success 
  •  Overcoming obstacles that hinder you from achieving your goals

Prerequisite:  For best results, participants should attend Take Control with MS Outlook as much of the course content relies on techniques learned in the first workshop.

Participants must provide their own blackberries. 

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course