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Managing Projects with MS OneNote

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The course duration is approximately 1 day


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OCA, in partnership with TOTBOX ( is offering this course which was designed to help you understand how to effectively plan and manage small projects with Outlook® and OneNote®. The  Managing Projects methodology draws on some of the most powerful tools from both of these software programs to provide a simple yet powerful solution for your small project needs.

The TOTBOX methodology will allow you to effectively manage most of your project information where you work every day - in Microsoft Outlook®. Managing both project and operational work in Outlook® will allow you to better plan and stay on top of all your work commitments. You will discover how OneNote® can serve as a powerful collaborative tool with which you can share key project information with your team. You will also learn how OneNote® seamlessly integrates with Outlook®.


Introduction and Course Overview - Managing Projects with Microsoft OneNote

  •  Choosing the right tools for the right purpose
  •  The importance of having options
  •  Keeping it simple

Unit 1 - Creating a Project Management Environment in Outlook® & OneNote®

  •  Effective organization of project related items
  •  Making use of project management folders
  •  What’s on the menu? Project management commands and useful features
  •  An introduction to your OneNote® Project Management Notebook

Unit 2 – Getting Started: Creating a New Project

  •  Setting up a new project
  •  Making effective use of Outlook Categories
  •  Entering key information in your Project Management Notebook

Unit 3 - Managing Project Tasks and Time Commitments

  •  Creating a collaborative project task list in OneNote®
  •  Tracking project tasks
  •  Keeping track of project meetings and documents
  •  Organizing your To Do Bar for effective project task management
  •  Delegating project tasks and tracking team tasks

Unit 4 - Staying on Top of Project Communications

  •  Tracking key communications in your Project Management Notebook
  • Printing your Project File notes
  • Tagging project e-mail communications
  • Effective filing of project related e-mails

Unit 5 - Project Time and Activity Tracking

  •  The importance of tracking progress
  • Updating progress on your project tasks
  • Archiving completed tasks
  • Tracking time spent on projects
  • Dealing with project issues

Unit 6 - Reporting on the Status of Your Projects

  • The importance of keeping information up-to-date
  • Sending a Status Report for one of your tasks
  • Sending a quick email status report
  • Exporting task status information to Excel and Word reports

Unit 7 - Implementing your project management system

  • Choosing which options are best for you
  • In a nutshell - A step-by-step to getting set up
  • Taking action    



Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course