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Webinar - "Take Control with Microsoft Outlook"

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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 2 - 2.5 hr. session


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Is your Inbox out of control?

Have important tasks been falling through the cracks?

Do you find yourself spending too much time looking for things?

It is estimated that the average Outlook user receives between 50 and 100 emails a day!

This course was designed to help you gain control over the unceasing flow of information coming in and out of Outlook. You will learn time-tested strategies taught by today’s leading time management experts that will help you maximize the use of your time. You will also acquire the skills to improve your productivity by making use of Outlook’s most powerful tools.

One Gold Seal Credit Awarded With Completion of Course

Who should attend

 Anyone who is using MS Outlook and wants to increase their productivity by maximizing the use of its tools through time-saving tips and strategies.

Introduction and Course Overview

    •  Identifying personal challenges to achieving optimum productivity
    •  Setting personal learning objectives

Setting up the Outlook Environment for Increased Productivity

    •  Changing your default view to immediately increase your focus on results
    •  Modifying Outlook options to eliminate interruptions

Taming the Email Beast


    • Convert your emails into tasks, appointments and contacts
    • Learn the best strategies to master your Inbox
    • Use Flags and Categories to quickly track down emails
    • Understand the science of good subject lines
    • Create rules to handle emails for you
    • Keep filing simple and effective
    • Learn how to find emails quickly by using Outlook's powerful search tools

 Controlling your Schedule (before it controls you)

    • Budget your time for best results
    • Make time for the important
    • Understand how to effectively schedule meetings
    • Create recurring events to support your work routines

Staying on track with Outlook Tasks

    • Prioritize tasks to achieve your desired outcomes
    • Use recurring tasks to stay on top of regular commitments
    • Use Categories to manage project tasks
    • Learn to let go - managing and tracking delegation with Tasks Requests

Making best use of your Contacts

    • Use Contacts to enhance communication
    • Track all contact related activities with just one click
    • Find contacts quickly with Categories

Developing a realistic action plan

    • Set goals that will support your success
    • Create a daily plan that fits your reality


Workshop Format:

Two 2.5 hour WebClass sessions

Webinar instructions will be provided before the start of the course.  All students should be on Outlook 2010 or newer.  Dual screens are not necessary, but ideal.

 What you get

Each participant receives a detailed PDF workbook, access to a recording of the webinar in order to review the content that was covered, opportunity to attend a post-workshop web coaching session and unlimited lifetime support (email, phone and online forum).

Our WebClasses, in essence are seminars on the web. They offer the convenience of training from your desk, in less time and at a more affordable price.

Our WebClass consists of two 2.5 hour live sessions. We break up the sessions in two to allow for practice time (1 week apart).

The experience

TOTBOX trusts RingCentral Meetings for the delivery of all its online briefings and WebClasses. RingCentral Meetings combines desktop and application sharing through a web browser with VOIP or phone conferencing and video.

What students are saying:

 “For the first time ever, I opted to sit in as a student in the OCA seminar “Take Control with Microsoft Outlook” which sold me on the promise of “taming the email beast”, "controlling your schedule (before it controls you)” and “staying on track with Outlook tasks”. The session was excellent for someone like me who admittedly had become like Pavlov’s dog: conditioned to immediately respond to each email arrival. Maybe you can relate but somewhere along the path I abdicated control of setting my daily and weekly priorities and allowed emails/phone calls/tests to set my priorities and time allocation. I quickly implemented the key lessons of Gilles’ seminar and the biggest change is a fundamental one: my Outlook opens automatically each morning to display my weekly calendar and prioritized tasks rather than opening up to my emails.”   John Devries - President, Ottawa Construction Association

 "This workshop has provided me with practical things I can do every day to not only keep my Inbox under control but to also stay on top of my priorities and other work commitments.”

 “This course is packed with tips, techniques and strategies to help you master Outlook. I will highly recommend that everyone in my division takes this workshop."

 "I loved this course! I now feel empowered to go back to work and clean up my information effectively and move ahead much more effectively."

 "This course will save hours of wasted time every week. Thanks!"


Speaker  -   Gilles Essiambre

Gilles Essiambre, President of TOTBOX Productivity Solutions is a sought-after speaker in the field of productivity and performance improvement. Over the last 20 years, Gilles has helped thousands of individuals achieve greater productivity gains through the effective use of technology. He has personally delivered over two thousand workshops to both public and private sector organizations across the world.

Over the past 4 years, Gilles has been working with several construction associations across Canada to help their members achieve marked performance improvements.

 One Gold Seal Credit Awarded With Completion of Course

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course