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In From the Site - Office Computer Programs Simplified - 2 Day Course

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The course duration is approximately 2 days


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Have you worked on construction sites your whole life and now are in the office – but have no idea what a mouse is?

(No, we’re not talking about a little furry, annoying creature…)

Or have you recently been injured on the job and need to take it easy in the office for awhile - but computers scare the pants off you?

We’re here to help!

OCA is pleased to introduce a new 2-day training workshop, developed and taught by ES Computer Technologies and Training, that will familiarize you with several of the most prominent Microsoft programs: Excel for calculations; Word for notes, files and letters; Outlook for emails. We’ll also provide an introduction to estimating software, MS Project for Project Management and RiskMP.

          i. Using computers, emails, basics – Word, Excel, Outlook

          ii. MS Project for Project Management (basic introduction)

          iii. Managing documents and finding them: Explorer and One Note for organization

          iv. RISK Management

          v. Estimating with Estimating Software

This two-day, hands-on, instructor-led course will provide you with a broad overview and good, general understanding of each of these most widely-used programmes and will focus on construction-specific examples and scenarios.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


Creating documents, managing files, some basic skills and a basic intro to computers, using Word. Learn about how/where your files are stored and how to find them. Take some of the mystery out of computers.


Excel is a great tool for costing, estimating, keeping track of jobs, parts, materials and trades people. Learn how to set up a basic spreadsheet, calculate costs, markups, profits, keep track of people, and materials, and calculate productivity using this effective tool. Of course we start with the basics, and by the end of this session, you will be creating your own spreadsheets.


If you've ever lost an email, spent hours trying to read, respond and organize your e-mails, then this is for you! Countless people are spending large parts of their workday managing and responding to email. In this portion of the interactive course, learn document handling, organizing schedules, as well practical contact management.


Have you ever been given a project schedule to update? Learn how to create a simple schedule and the right ways to update the information.


Another popular program for construction is RiskMP. Learn how to upload project schedules, update and do some basic Risk tracking.


Learn to use a simple estimating program to create estimates for jobs.

We use a variety of programs to give you some varied experience and help you feel comfortable using computers.

This course provides you with experience with some of the most prominent and widely-used computer programs, so that you have a good understanding and basic overall knowledge of these essential programs.


Anyone unfamiliar with computer technology or who has used computers for internet and email only. Anyone interested in or having been asked to perform an office role.

ES Computer Technologies and Training - Course Objectives

 This course is designed for people who have spent much of their careers on the job site, and whether due to a promotion or injury, find themselves in the office. Technology has come a long way in the last 10 -15 years and now is an integral aspect of every office work function. People working in construction and onsite are often unfamiliar with technology and office software. Sending them on specialized courses assumes a basic familiarity with computers and office procedures that they may not have.

 To ease the transition into the office, we have created a specialized course: In from the Site.

 This course is not new. We have worked with thousands of business people who are, for whatever reason, new to, or uncomfortable with computer technology. We understand them and what they need to know, before they can begin to learn specific computer programs. This intensive 2-day course will provide them with the base knowledge that every person needs.

 Our In from the Site workshop is adapted from the best of our experience of the last 20 years of computer training and it’s our mission to ensure that people leave the course with a comprehensive knowledge of the most widely-used Microsoft Office programs: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS Project. And as an added bonus, we’ll also include a Risk Management element, citing the best from our Gold Seal accredited Risk Management for Construction workshop.


This workshop, developed and taught by ES Computer Technologies and Training is accredited with 2 Gold Seal SICs.  Laptops, software and manuals will be provided.  The class is limited to 12 registrants and each will be working on a personal computer.


Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course