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Marijuana and the Workplace Managing the Impact of Legalization

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The course duration is approximately 2.5 hours


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Medical marijuana in the workplace is a rapidly emerging and highly contentious issue. And now the Canadian Government has announced its plan to legalize Cannabis for non-medical recreational use in 2018. The topic of marijuana access and its use is sensitive, complex, and highly polarized with issues and implications for health and safety.

Employers have questions about how to respond to this new landscape. What changes are necessary to current policies and procedures? What if employees’ recreational use off-duty affects workplace performance?

This session focuses on helping employers to understand the changes, the implications for health and safety, and to provide guidance on how to manage these challenges in safety sensitive industries.

OCA is pleased to bring in subject matter expert Dan Demers of CannAmm Occupation Testing Services to speak. See company website.

Mr. Demers serves on the executive team, as the senior manager responsible for the sustainable future of CannAmm. Mr. Demers is an accomplished international speaker on the topic of managing marijuana in safety sensitive workplaces. Mr. Demers serves on the board of the Substance Abuse Administrators Association (SAPAA) as well as national and international legal committees aimed at advising employers on the political, legal, social and occupational considerations of successfully implementing safe for duty standards.

In addition to Mr. Demers, Aries Contracting will also share their experience in developing their own 'fitness for duty' policy which will potentially be a template for other contractors to utilize.

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course