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Positive Coping Strategies - Dealing Better with Life's Ups and Downs

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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 1 day


OCA Members: $280.
Non-Members: $350.


Insights for Creating a more Positive Environment both at Work and at Home

In this hectic world, most of us are dealing with a lot of stress, with a subsequent negative impact on our productivity and energy.  This session will help you to recognize the importance of being a more positive person in order to enjoy your life more.

The skills you develop can change your life.

This one day workshop will help you to understand the underlying motivators of people and you will complete a Behavioural Intelligence assessment as part of this training process.  You will leave with a better understanding of your own individual behaviours and of those who you interact with.   We will introduce you to the concept of emotional mirroring and help you to understand how negative emotions are spread.  We will help you to understand the Five Competencies of Emotional Intelligence and apply them to your work and home environments.   Throughout the workshop you will focus on your own individual situation and create your own improvement plan. 

In order to have time to complete your Behavioural Intelligence Assessment, please register by March 24, 2019.  You will then be emailed a link.  A sample of the assessment can be found by clicking here

Who should attend this workshop:   Workers, supervisors, managers and leaders in highly stressful jobs.  Anyone who wants to have  a more positive life at work and at home. 

Here is what some participants have had to say about Dave’s training.

- “It helped me to re-focus and bring my positive attitude out”

- “Dave’s presentation is extremely personable and anyone will come away with new life positives”

- “Dave’s presentation gave us a message of hope” - PTSD Support Group

- “Dave’s coaching process provided a place for me to begin, I now see that I have options” – Nunavut manager

- “I enjoyed it, I will not think so much about the negative things in my life”

Registration fee includes:  A workbook, Behavioural Intelligence Assessment (a value of $110.) lunch and snacks

About The Speaker

Dave Neely is a Kingston-based training consultant.  Since 1988, he has delivered customized leadership and team training processes for a wide variety of clients. He will share what he has learned about how to deal with life’s ups and downs.  He has worked with Cruickshank Construction in Kingston and recently delivered a very successful workshop for ORBA – the Ontario Road Building Association.  You will enjoy his passion for the subject.

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course