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CST: Oh Crap, I'm a Supervisor

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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 3 hours


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Non-Members: $225.00


About Construction Supervisor Training (CST):

CST puts an emphasis on practical knowledge, providing participants with the skills and resources needed to excel at new challenges on the job site. This comprehensive program provides it all and is delivered in manageable segments by Subject Matter Experts.

CST is comprised of 8 Modules:

Modules may be taken in any order, but it is highly recommended that you begin the program by taking Oh Crap, I’m a Supervisor. Upon completing all 8 modules you will be able to register for the Construction Supervisor Training Certificate program graduation ceremony where you will be presented with a certificate of completion.

Individuals are free to take any Construction Supervisor Training module without pursuing the Certificate.

Oh Crap, I’m a Supervisor Description

As a Supervisor, you have the opportunity to be the cornerstone of your company’s success. Your role is much more than overseeing the work of a construction crew. It involves managing unique people in unique situations. This course will challenge you to become more than simply the boss; it will challenge you to become an authentic leader.

Oh Crap, I’m a Supervisor will help you establish yourself as an effective Supervisor by introducing you to leadership principles necessary to your role, and defining qualities and strategies to expedite your success as a leader in construction.  This course will also highlight some of the challenges Supervisors encounter to ensure you are better equipped on the job site.

This 3 hour module will provide you with ½ a Gold Seal Credit.


  • What a Supervisor Is… And is Not
    • Leadership is a decision, not a position
    • Your job is to facilitate, structure and plan the work of others
    • It’s NOT about doing the work anymore
    • You will be held responsible for everything
    • You have amazing power to do good
    • What got you here won’t work anymore
  • What a Leader Knows
    • Effective leaders vs mediocre ones
    • Good decision making
    • Successful problem finding
    • Effective opportunity finding
    • Leadership style
  • Truly Effective Leadership Strategies
    • Clarify performance expectations
    • Building rapport
    • Explaining your decision-making
    • Demonstrate fairness & integrity
    • Develop a lieutenant
  • The Challenges You Will Face
    • You will make mistakes
    • Leading former peers
    • Finding work-life balance
    • Thriving in a high-pressure environment
    • Surviving the loneliness of leadership

Instructor: Tom Savard, B. Eng, GSC  - PCL Constructors Canada

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course