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CST: Great Communicators Make Great Supervisors

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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 6.5 hours


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Non-Members: $350.00


About Construction Supervisor Training (CST):

CST puts an emphasis on practical knowledge, providing participants with the skills and resources needed to excel at new challenges on the job site. This comprehensive program provides it all and is delivered in manageable segments by Subject Matter Experts.

 CST is comprised of 8 Modules:

Modules may be taken in any order, but it is suggested that you begin the program by taking Oh Crap, I’m a Supervisor. Upon completing all 8 modules you will be able to register for the Construction Supervisor Training Certificate program graduation ceremony where you will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement.

Individuals are free to take any Construction Supervisor Training module without pursuing the Certificate.

Great Communicators Make Great Supervisors Description

It is simply impossible to become a great supervisor without being a great communicator.  As a construction supervisor you must get work done through other people and you spend a significant amount of time each day in some type of interpersonal situation, therefore the ability to communicate effectively is a critical element to your success. A large number of performance problems and conflict occur as a result of poor communications. It is precisely this reason that underscores the need for supervisors to focus on becoming great communicators.

This course focuses on developing strong and clear communication strategies that will help you improve your listening, your message and your delivery.  You will explore powerful active listening techniques, the value of non-verbal communications, how to deliver your message with impact to get the results you want, how to provide constructive feedback to your employees and what pitfalls to avoid, negotiation strategies that result in a win-win outcome and the basics of written communication in construction. The course will wrap-up with a review of common communication blunders and potential barriers to communication success.

With this 6 hour module you will be provided with lunch and you will earn 1 Gold Seal Credit.


  • The Essentials of Communication
    • The communication process
    • Communication tools used in construction
    • Time spent communicating
  • A Model for Better Listening
    • Listening is the key to all effective communications
    • Seen to be Listening: Active Listening
  • It’s Not What You Say: Non-Verbal Communication
    • Value of non-verbal communication
    • Evaluating non-verbal signals
  • It’s More Than Just Talking: Verbal Communication
    • Learn to communicate effectively
    • Communication styles
    • Delivering performance feedback
    • Negotiation 101
  • Tips for Effective Written Communications
  • Communication Blunders and Barrier

Instructor:  Mark Nesbitt

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course