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CST: Human Resource Practices

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Nov 06, 2020
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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 6.5 hours


OCA Members: $250.00
Non-Members: $350.00


About Construction Supervisor Training (CST):

CST puts an emphasis on practical knowledge, providing participants with the skills and resources needed to excel at new challenges on the job site. This comprehensive program provides it all and is delivered in manageable segments by Subject Matter Experts.

CST is comprised of 9 Modules:

1.    Oh Crap, I'm A Supervisor   
2.    Effective Meetings & Delegation
3.    Ethics & Integrity in Construction   
4.    Conflict Resolution
5.   Great Communicators Make Great Supervisors
6.    Human Resources Practices
7.    Coaching Skills for Supervisors
8.   Building High Performance Teams
9.    IHSA Basics of Supervising   

Modules may be taken in any order. After completing all 9 modules you can request to receive the Construction Supervisor Training (ICI) Certificate of Achievement.

A Graduation ceremony will be held annually to recognize those who complete the Certificate Program.

Individuals are free to take any Construction Supervisor Training module without pursuing the Certificate of Achievement.

Human Resources Practices:

Construction supervisors often play a key role in ensuring human resource regulations, policies and practices are applied fairly and consistently on the work site. To do so, supervisors need to interpret and apply human resource management policies and practices as defined by the company and/or by the industry.

The Human Resource Practices module is intended to help you gain a clear understanding of your roles and responsibilities related to the application of human resource policies and legislation. You will discuss human resource related legislation such as employment standards and workplace health and safety. You will also look at common policy areas such as employee selection, training and development, harassment, substance abuse, attendance policies and your responsibilities for applying these policies on the worksite.

This 6.5 hour module provides you with coffee, snacks, lunch and a course certificate worth 1 Gold Seal Credit.


  • Find the Best People
    • Why effective talent acquisition matters
    • Describing the open position – Creating a job description
    • Recruitment strategy
    • Shortlisting applicants
    • Conducting interviews – Know what to ask to find the right person
    • Choosing the best candidate and offering the job
    • Common recruitment mistakes.
  • Onboard New Hires
    • Before the first day
    • The first day(s)
    • The first six months
  • Manage Performance
    • Managing performance through the year: Check-ins
    • Getting real results from performance reviews: Performance appraisals
    • Dealing with poor performance: Lack of ability or low motivation?
    • Creating a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Use Legislation as a Resource
    • Ontario Employment Standards Act
    • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
    • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
    • Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Put HR Policies to Practice
    • Attendance and leave
    • Alcohol, drug and substance abuse
    • Harassment and discrimination
  • Let People Go: Terminating Employment Respectfully and with Dignity
    • Before the Termination Meeting
    • During the Termination Meeting
    • After the Termination Meeting
    • Exit Interviews


Upcoming Sessions
Nov 06, 2020
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