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CST: Conflict Resolution

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Dec 06, 2019
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Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 3.5 hours


OCA Members: $150.00
Non-Members: $225.00


About Construction Supervisor Training (CST):

CST puts an emphasis on practical knowledge, providing participants with the skills and resources needed to excel at new challenges on the job site. This comprehensive program provides it all and is delivered in manageable segments by Subject Matter Experts.

CST is comprised of 8 Modules:

Modules may be taken in any order. After completing all 8 modules you can request to receive the Construction Supervisor Training (ICI) Certificate of Achievement.

A Graduation ceremony will be held annually to recognize those who complete the Certificate Program.

Individuals are free to take any Construction Supervisor Training module without pursuing the Certificate.

Conflict Resolution:

Construction Supervisors need to recognize and respond to conflicts constructively to maintain productivity and solidarity in their crews.  Effective conflict resolution skills enable supervisors to deal with issues promptly and fairly, but also to recognize when issues need to be escalated in the chain of command.  Conflict resolution skills are also helpful in reducing and managing stress on the team. 

This module is intended to help participants recognize and respond proactively to conflicts that occur between and within their crews.  Participants will explore concepts such as destructive and constructive conflict, stress, personal approaches to conflict and assertiveness techniques. 

This 3.5 hour module provides you with coffee, snacks and a course certificate worth 1/2 a Gold Seal Credit.


  • Understand what conflict is
  • Apply a constructive approach to conflict management
  • Overcome resistance to conflict resolution
  • Demonstrate assertive techniques to overcome destructive behavior



Upcoming Sessions
Dec 06, 2019
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