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Requirements For Earthquake Protection of Non-Structural Building Elements

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The course duration is approximately 3 hours


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For more than 20 years the Ontario Building Code has required that new installations as well as modifications to existing installations be able to withstand earthquakes that may occur. The primary purpose of these earthquake-resistant measures is to ensure the safety of the occupants. On the other hand, for post-disaster installations, particular attention must be paid to critical systems which must remain operational following an earthquake.

Thus, seismic risk mitigation measures apply as much to the various electromechanical systems of a building with particular attention to equipment deemed critical to the continuation of operations.

This training provides an introduction to the global study of attenuation measures based on the instructions of the Ontario Building Code and industry standards such as SMACNA, ASHRAE and the CSA S832.


Review of seismic risk in Canada.

Review of building code requirements for the seismic protection of building electromechanical systems.

Evaluation of the seismic risk by calculating the loads of an earthquake on the nonstructural components in accordance with the Ontario construction code.

Application of typical seismic mitigation measures according to industry norms and Standards.


Part 1 - Earthquakes

  1. Seismic Risk in Ontario / Canada
  2. Understanding Earthquakes
  3. Potential Consequences of Earthquakes on Building Systems

Part 2 - Evaluation of the Seismic Hazard - Construction Code

  1. Construction Code Requirements
  2. Calculation of Seismic Loads

Part 3 - Vulnerability and Fragility Assessment of Equipment and Systems

  1. Design of Earthquake Protection Systems
  2. Components of a seismic system - Flexible and Rigid
  3. Vibration Isolation and Thermal Expansion of systems for consideration of earthquake-resistant measures
  1. Elements of installations – Housekeeping pads and roof installations - types of anchors, material fragility
  1. Seismic protection - equipment qualification - operation for post-disaster Buildings


Project managers of mechanical and electrical contractors, site supervisors, consulting engineers, and Installers


Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course