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Construction Management Contracts - CCDC 5A & 5B

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Construction Management (CM) form of project delivery takes a team approach to the construction process. The concept joins the Owner, Consultant and Contractor in a team whose objective is to deliver the project with emphasis on time, budget and constructability. This seminar will provide you with a better understanding of the risks and rewards of the Construction Management form of project delivery.
The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) has developed three CM contract forms:
  • CCDC 5A Construction Management ContractFor Services
  • CCDC 5B Construction Management Contract For Services and Construction
  • CCDC 17 Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner and Trade Contractor for CM Projects
There are fundamental differences between CCDC 5A and CCDC 5B.
Under CCDC 5A, the owner retains only the construction management services of the Construction Manager (CM). The CM is the agent of the owner to the extent of the services described in the schedules to the contract. However, the CM has no contractual obligation to the trade contractors. The Owner contracts with the trade contractors using CCDC 17.
CCDC 5B was published in 2010 and has been referred to as the Construction Manager “at risk” model. In this case, the owner hires the CM to provide services and to undertake the construction. The CM then hires all of the subcontractors. The CM is contractually bound to the subcontractors in the same way as a general contractor. The CM is not the agent of the owner. This contract provides several options for the method of payment including stipulated price, guaranteed maximum price or GMP plus percentage of cost savings options. The payment option can be agreed upon at the start of the contract or exercised thereafter and documented by change order.
Attendees will learn the key provisions and philosophy behind these contract forms, e.g. the schedule of services that are considered necessary for CM projects, important considerations if a Construction Manager is required to perform part or all of the construction work, construction estimates, administration of trade contracts, insurance requirements etc.
NOTE: Attendees will be provided a hard-copy of CCDC 5A, 5B and 17 for instructional purposes. Attendees are encouraged to buy the electronic editable version for $70 each. CCDC has produced a guide for each - CCDC 45 Guide for the 5A contract and CCDC 46 Guide for the 5B contract. Both can be purchased for $20 each. Click HERE to access OCA contracts webpage to purchase. 
Speaker - John G. Davies - President & CEO of JGD Resolutions and John G. Davies Architect Inc.
OCA is fortunate to have as our lecturer architect John G. Davies - former Chair of CCDC and nationally recognized arbitrator and authority on standard contractual and tendering practices.

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course