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WEBINAR - Microsoft Excel Foundation (Level 1) Training

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Microsoft Excel is Microsoft's powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet program. Excel is a popular tool for creating spreadsheets, analyzing data, and charting information. MS Excel incorporates a number of tools to help users enter and analyze data quickly and efficiently. This Foundation level is intended to help all novice users get up to speed quickly.

Workshop Format: 

  • Live Webinar: Two 2-hour sessions (Scheduled 1 week apart)
  • Includes a detailed learning guide & unlimited email & phone coaching
  • A link will be emailed to you the day before the first webinar

Who Should Attend:  This session is ideal for all novice users who want to get up to speed with Microsoft Excel.  No previous experience is necessary.


This section teaches students everything they need to know about opening, interacting with, and closing Excel. In this section, students will learn about workbooks, worksheets, file types, and how to navigate around a spreadsheet. The Help feature is also covered in detail.

The Excel Interface

In order to get the most out of Excel, students need to know where to find commands. This section covers the basics of the Quick Access Toolbar and the basics of the Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, and Review tabs. A high-level overview of each tab and associated command groups is included, along with exercises that experiment with some of these commands.

Excel Basics

This section will teach everyone how to do day-to-day things in Excel. Topics include creating worksheet labels, printing, using features like AutoSum and AutoFill, and how to perform the ubiquitous Cut/Copy/Paste operations. Students will also be given a gentle introduction to using formulas, using Paste Special, dealing with advanced paste operations, perform Find and Replace operations, and how to check their spelling.

Editing your Workbook

Now that students have had a chance to work with the basics and are comfortable with the interface, this section will teach them how to make Excel do more than just display black and white data. Students will learn how to modify cells and cell data, perform a number of cell formatting operations, and use styles and borders. Managing Tables Tables are an important part of Excel because they inherently contain a lot of useful functionality, including sorting and filtering. This section teaches participants how to add and edit tables and perform sort and filter operations. At the end of this section, we will look at how to make use of Excel's basic formulas to manage data.

Printing and Viewing your Workbook

This final section will help students display their data in different ways. Topics include an in-depth examination of the View tab, how to work with multiple worksheets at once, and finally how to print their final product.

INSTRUCTOR:  Gilles Essiambre, TOTBOX Productivity Solutions

Upcoming Sessions
There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled for this course