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Microsoft Project for Construction - Full Course

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Jun 01, 2021
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Microsoft Project for Construction - Four Instructor-Led Webinars

(Scheduling, Resource, Trade Tracking and Cost Control)


This seminar is delivered in 4 three hour instructor-led webinars covering the topics below. All 4 courses must be taken for the full certificate and 2 Gold Seal credits; however you are welcome to sign up for courses individually. Please see "Upcoming Courses" tab to sign up for courses individually. 


Scheduling - 

  • Create a basic project plan including Work Breakdown Schedule and dependencies
  • Incorporate Milestones and Significant dates
  • Identify/Manage the Critical Path
  • Incorporate Job Deadlines
  • Identify slack and project float
  • Create an ‘Early Start' and ‘Early Finish' Schedule
  • Create a ‘Late Start' and ‘Late Finish' Schedule
  • Create a basic Impact Analysis using the Network Diagram
  • Add a tolerance to the Critical Path
  • Create a Trade Tracking Resource Schedule
  • Incorporate changes to the Project Start Date.

Resources - 

  • Create work assignments to trades, employees, subcontractors.
  • Add costing and availability information.
  • Incorporate the work quantities from estimates.
  • Assign and manage overtime at overtime rates.
  • Re-distribute and re-assign actual work.
  • Resolve over allocated personnel, equipment issues. Adjust individual workloads.
  • Share heavy equipment or specialized personnel over multiple projects and monitor availability.
  • Assign Saturday or off hours work by trade or task
  • Monitor resources by tasks, work completion rates, availability, costs, projects li>

Trade Tracking - 

  • Update projects and tasks.
  • Record actual starts, work durations, finish dates.
  • Record a delay and demonstrate the effect of the delay on other tasks.
  • Record splits in work.
  • Postpone or move work to alternate times.
  • Create a 2, 3, or 4 week look ahead.
  • Create a delay report.
  • Compare actuals to planned dates and costs.
  • Re-assign work.
  • Accelerate schedules and note the effects on costs and time.
  • Compare costs and schedules between projects.

Cost Control - 

    • Create weekly and monthly cash flow reports
      • Including subcontractor pricing
      • Including variable cost rates for trades, personnel, and equipment
    • Monitor budgeted Costs, Price, Profit Margins, Actual Costs and projected>
    • Identify Project status when ahead or behind schedule and/or over or under budget
    • Reassign work and identify effect on costing.
    • Reschedule work and identify effect on costs.
    • Create cost reports showing weekly performance from a cost perspective.
    • Compare costs between projects.

Space is limited to 6 students, sign up today to gain valuable insight into one of the most helpful tools a construction professional can use in today's market.


A link will be sent to be given access to join the course.

Upcoming Sessions
Jun 01, 2021
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