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CST: Coaching Skills for Supervisors - VIRTUAL OFFERING

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Sep 09, 2021
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About Construction Supervisor Training (CST):

CST puts an emphasis on practical knowledge, providing participants with the skills and resources needed to excel at new challenges on the job site. This comprehensive program provides it all and is delivered in manageable segments by Subject Matter Experts.

CST is comprised of 9 Modules:

1.    Oh Crap, I'm A Supervisor   
2.    Effective Meetings & Delegation
3.    Ethics & Integrity in Construction   
4.    Conflict Resolution
5.    Great Communicators Make Great Supervisors
6.    Human Resources Practices
7.    Coaching Skills for Supervisors
8.    Building High Performance Teams
9.    IHSA Basics of Supervising   

Modules may be taken in any order. After completing all 9 modules you can request to receive the Construction Supervisor Training (ICI) Certificate of Achievement.

Individuals are free to take any Construction Supervisor Training module without pursuing the Certificate of Achievement.

Coaching Skills for Supervisors:

Coaching is a key skill for supervisors who want to involve employees as much as possible in their own performance management.  Coaching gives supervisors the skills to reinforce good performance and address poor performance. Coaching is tough on the problem but not tough on the person and that is why it works.

Coaching Skills for Supervisors will help you build the skills you need to effectively coach others regardless of the circumstance, the time you have available, the employee or the performance. This course will allow you to consider how to apply those skills in construction. Supervision can be challenging and coaching allows you to place the responsibility where the responsibility lies, with the employee.

This 3 hour module provides you with a course certificate worth 1/2 Gold Seal Credit.


  • A definition of coaching
  • The differences between coaching, mentoring and performance counselling
  • The activities of a coach
  • The qualities of a coach
  • The benefits of coaching
  • The essential skills you need to coach others
  • How to define performance by identifying behaviours
  • How to coach good performance
  • How to coach performance shortfalls
  • A coaching model that will help you address poor performance
  • How to deal with defensive behaviours
  • How to build your coaching competencies through practice opportunities



Before the class you will be sent a link to gain access.

Upcoming Sessions
Sep 09, 2021
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